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Wedding and Family Photography by Claire Sullivan of Unique Image

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Wedding and Family Photography by Claire Sullivan of Unique Image
Unique Image Photography covers both wedding and family portrait photography throughout Bromley, South East London, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Hampshire and the South East. I am also very happy to travel throughout the UK and internationally to provide the finest wedding photography for your destination wedding.


Your wedding day is about you and is a day you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. Photography plays a huge role in your wedding – or at least it should do. All those months of preparation, yet the beautiful day itself will be over in a flash. How will you remember all the details?

Over time your memories may fade but good quality photography won’t. Investing in a qualified, professional wedding photographer to capture the precious moments of your special day is crucial, so that the memory of it stays alive and can be shared with your family, friends and future children.

​ I take a step back and can be very unobtrusive which is exactly what I think photography should be. Your wedding day is about you. I will let the day unfold and capture it – not dictate it.
I love romantic, fun, relaxed weddings. I capture all the fun, emotion and details of the day as well as taking you two off for some couple shots. I prefer to keep things as natural as possible but sometimes reality needs a little nudge to get that perfect shot. I am more than happy to capture a few group shots, after all it is usually one of the only occasions where families get together. When it comes to the group photographs, I gather the necessary people together and gently direct them. I’m not bossy but I get the job done and quickly. There is nothing worse that hanging around for ages being bossed around! I’m pleased to say that I’m NOT that person.

As a wedding photographer I prefer a more natural style of photography, one that tells a story and one that is a true representation of your day so that when you look back at your images it brings all those amazing memories flooding back to you as if it were yesterday.

Over the years I have been known to…iron a wedding dress, fix suspenders, dress little bridemaids, change nappies, get the groom showered (yes really although NOT literally), remake all the bridal bouquets when the spray paint came off onto the bridesmaids dress, drive bridesmaids to the church and also ferry guests to the reception.

If you are looking for a photographer and want your day captured in a beautiful, honest way please get in touch via the ‘contact’ page, I would love to meet you and hear about your plans!

Newborn and Family Photography

When photographing newborn babies, children and families I provide a relaxed, bespoke and individual experience – very different from a high street studio.

For the best, natural photographs of babies and children, it’s better to photograph them in their own environment. Baby, and therefore you, will be much more relaxed.
I’m very much baby-led and will never rush you or your baby.
If you come to my studio, I want you to feel comfortable and so I have most things you would need – and a coffee machine!
My studio is warm and welcoming and you will not be rushed, we go at baby’s pace.

To find out more about Unique Image’s newborn, baby and family photography, see my Services page.

Wedding Photography

Beautiful, natural, contemporary wedding photography

Baby & Family

Capture your child’s innocence and precious, fleeting moments on camera


Superb, beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime are an investment.