Alexis And Joe’s Wedding At Brandshatch Place Hotel.

Joe and Alexis got married exactly one year ago today at Brandshatch Place Hotel where I am proud to say I’m the recommended photographer!!

A fantastic, happy day filled with lots of laughter.

The day started off with Joe photographing his preparations at his parents home. All the boys in one room mostly in their pants, all wondering how to tie their ties.
Once they were all ready, I hung around candidly capturing them together. Such lovely moments.

I then headed over to the hotel to meet Denise, my second photographer who was already there capturing Alexis’s preparations with her bridesmaids and family. It was all very chilled out, and funny. I remember them all laughing and messing around, watching their guests arriving from the windows.

Once the preparations were all over it was time!!! Time for the bride to meet her groom, time for the groom to wait at the aisle for his bride.
The moment came, an emotional moment as Alexis walked down the aisle with her dad to meet her groom.

After the ceremony it was time to head outside for drinks and canapes whist we did some photographs in the August sunshine.

After dinner it was time for the party!!! Which is when it was time for me to leave after the first few dances.

Oh, and can I just mention the fantastic cheese table….the best cheese table I’ve ever seen.

Such a lovely day, a lovely couple surrounded by everyone who loves them and who were there to celebrate with them.

Happy first wedding anniversary Joe and Alexis!!! Enjoy!!




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