I have happy news to bring to you!!!

Remember my fabulous alternative wedding in London that I photographed a few weeks ago, just before Lockdown? You can click on the link or scroll down to see?

Well, they’ve since had a baby…..(yes, Lego pregnancies are short!), Yay!!! Such wonderful news!

new baby photography

I was delighted to be invited back to photograph their new addition, such a lovely little family at their very colourful family home in London. Obviously we stuck to the government guidelines and all photographs were taken at a safe distance, with me wearing a full Hazmat suit (almost) and face mask, (check these beauties out from www.instagram.com/maskhaveaccessory ) .

baby photography in bromley

Baby Leo was so well behaved and didn’t stop smiling the whole time that I was photographing him. I could tell that he was loving it and loving the attention.

family photography in london

newborn baby photography

Mummy and daddy are besotted with their new addition and told me that he was such a good baby, hardly cries and sleeps really well. Me, jealous?

family photographer in bromley

Whilst daddy made us all some tea I took the chance to capture mummy playing with Leo. As a family photographer, I like to capture natural photographs of you and your family having fun or enjoying little moments wherever possible.

mummy and baby photography
Even at such a young age, Leo recognised his name when I called him!! Such a clever little baby!

black and white baby photographs

When daddy came back with the tea, it was his turn to play with little Leo, whilst mum watched on proudly and full of love!

father and son photography

father and son photography

bromley family photographer

Mummy soon joined in and we grabbed some fun family shots….where we were joined by their little cat who wanted in on the action – and posed beautifully!!!!

family photographer in bromley
bromley photographer

Soon it was time for me to leave and this little family went out for a little walk to try and get Leo to sleep, so I took some photographs of him in his lovely custom made pram….where once again we were joined by their cat who I think wanted to jump in with Leo!!!

baby photographer in kent

Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure to be able to capture your little family and I look forward to watching your little family grow!!


If YOU are interested in having some family photographs taken of your little (or big) family please do get in touch to see what I can offer you.




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