Did you have snow this week?

Here in Bromley, we had quite a bit which my children were excited about and yes, the sledge came out but we won’t talk about that!! (cue embarrased mummy).

Suddenly, during the falling snow it occured me to that maybe, just maybe, I could use this lovely Little Red Riding Hood cape that I’ve had hanging in my studio for a few years just waiting to be used!
As a children’s photographer based in Bromley, I’ve had the idea for this session in my head for a while now and with the lack of photographing anything over the last few months (thanks to Covid) it’s fair to say that I was gagging to get out in the snow to shoot and make my idea come true.

Because of the ongoing lockdown restrictions here in the UK I had to find a local and willing model so that no lockdown rules were broken!

I put a model call on my local Facebook group and on my page and luckily one of clients was heading out later that afternoon for some fun in the snow so they decided to stop off for a few photos with me – no rules were broken, it was all socially distanced (with my favourite long lens) and of course it was local which meant we could both walk to the intended destination! Albeit a slippery walk but I didn’t fall over which is a win in my book!!!!
I met up with Little Red Riding Hood, her mummy and her sister and we got shooting straight away. It was just perfect – except for the freezing temperatures. I literally had to defrost my toes when I got home!!!

The whole portrait shoot lasted just 15minutes. Little Red Riding Hood was such a champion braving the arctic weather conditions…although the promise of chocolate made it a little easier.

I love how these photographs turned out! Exactly what I had in my head.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

little red riding hood

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